Upravit stránku

Fly with our limousines and vans. all around Europe without changing transport.

You can only use our driver for your journey. Travel with your own car driven by our driver.

Travel around the whole Europe with us. Műnich, Berlin, Nūrnberg, Frankfurt, Vienna, Bratislava and many others...

Travel from door to door. You can get on in your home and get off right at your meeting anywhere in Europe.


Minibus and Bus Service

Business Transport

Transport services for individuals, companies and travel agencies

Luxury vans and coaches

Rental of luxury limousines with driver

We are here for those who can enjoy traveling

Everyone is an important client for us

Travel in our limousines throughout the Czech Republic and throughout Europe

We take care of everything

We take care of transport from A to Z

We work around the clock

We work all year round, including weekends and holidays


We handle transport orders within 15 minutes


We guarantee fixed and fair prices