Upravit stránku

VH Transport is a passenger transport, trucking transport and VIP transportation service working in the Czech Republic. We have been operating as a haulage and VIP transport company since 1991.

Our luxury transportation services are suitable for hire buy individuals; groups; companies; hotels; embassies; and travel agencies. We run a full fleet of luxury saloons, minibuses and full coaches. Our fleet includes luxury cars from Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Skoda.

Our first class service is delivered at an affordable price and can be booked with interpreters and guides. In addition to business and passenger transport we also run a full wedding transport and venue arrangement service, which includes decoration of both venue and vehicle. 
We operate anytime, for any purpose. Just give us a call.

Our drivers are superbly trained, highly experienced, and able to speak a variety of languages. Specify English, German or Russian speaking when you book your transport. 

All drivers are liveried, discreet and polite. Our outstanding service has gained us many regular clients, who use our services for their luxury, their comfort and their reliability. We get you where you need to be in plenty of time and in first class style. 

VH Transport is your number one partner for safe, reliable transport throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. We wish you many happy miles of first class travel!